Sunday, November 25, 2007

Over a 1,000 visits

Incidentally or not, for the right or not-so-right reasons, still, I am pretty excited about those 1183 visits that this blog has received over this past year. Naturally, perhaps 10% of those are "self inflicted" after certain postings to see how it came up etc etc. But still, you cannot dismiss as quickly the big one and three of thOse. The clustermap looks now a bit dissapointing since it seems that my annual cleaning period has caught up with me. Still, one can look at the overall picture of visits and use Google Analytics for more details. Personally I like this stock method of Clustermap rather better but it would be great if one would be able to just click a dot and get at least the basic info (exact location, date,lenght, pages visited, perhaps even links that were made).

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