Monday, November 26, 2007

How many cards one needs for a booking with Wizzair?

Flying Low Cost for the First Time. Well, is a first-timer for me. Again, not the very best one I guess. Objective: book a Budapest-Cluj Napoca and return flight. Price: unknown at the moment but expected to be cheaper and for sure faster than those small buses serving the same route. Instruments employed:4 cards (two debit and two credit; two Mastercard from the US and one Mastercard Romanian and one Maestro Romania). Result: no results.:) The two Romanian didn't work, as well as the two US ones (which is strange) so finally I just used another Mastercard from Belgium (with love?):)), which strangely enough did the job. Anyways, it is so interesting to see the taxes, fees and more fees pilling up from those 0.001 or 0.000 prices, that ones MUST be always aware of his/her final price (like on Ebay) in order to make the right choice. Plus, do not forger the getting-to-those-airports fees which may turn up to be equally if not more expensive than the low-cost flight. In my case, it quite even: price is about the same, time-I have to wait both trips about 6 hrs in Budapest (which I still value to be better than spending it on some microbus; moreover on the inbound flight I have to change in Zurich so..if there are any delays, I am covered). Let's not forget the free wireless in Budapest inside the terminal. Not so bad after all.

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