Thursday, November 01, 2007

Killer Cars

The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 is the former fastest, former most powerful street-legal production car in the world. But it keeps the title of the quickest (0-60, 0-100, quarter mile, etc.), most expensive street-legal full production car ever made and the fastest accelerating production car in history, with a proven time of 0-60mph of under 2.5 seconds. It can produce an excess of 1001 horsepower, in either the metric or SAE scale (see below), and achieve an average top speed of 253.81 mph. This speed and power was eclipsed by the SSC Ultimate Aero TT, which claimed the “Fastest Production Car” world record with a top speed of 257.45 mph and an average speed of 256.19 mph on September 13 2007, later verified by Guinness World Records on October 9, 2007.[4] The Bugatti Veyron reached full production in September 2005. The car is built by Volkswagen AG subsidiary Bugatti Automobiles SAS in its Molsheim (Alsace, France) factory and is sold under the French Bugatti marque. It is named after French racing driver Pierre Veyron, who won the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1939 while racing for the original Bugatti firm.(wiki)

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