Thursday, February 01, 2007

De nuevo en Troy

In the end,I finally got through the journey back which usually proves to be a killer. As always I managed to surpass the critical 24hrs total travel time and successfully added a 31, which again is not a record,just a commonality.
I took the Amtrak back to Albany from NYC but it was worthwhile; got the chance to watch a movie. "Watch" is the closest thing to it; I was barely able to keep my head straight and so tired that I was seeing it through the drops of fades. Missed also my ride from Albany, thus a rip-off cab was needed. Well, I was so tired by then, that I really didn't care. Long story short, the whole trip was awful: delays, stress and its good ol' pal, the lack of sleep.
Things are not peachy right now either. I am getting back into it..hopefully it will get better.
And for God's sake, when is the cold going away? I guess I got use by now not to have a "serious" winter.

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