Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Big Apple revisited

Again in New York City, this time on official business. I had to apply for a visa to Japan for this Spring and for this I got the chance to walk through Manhattan once again. Although is always exciting to go back, two things are obvious: I am really starting to dislike NYC more and more over time (just huge prices, crowding, rip-offs and rudeness in general) and secondly, the timing was quite bad (so, so, cold & windy). I regret that I didn't visit a Museum at least, but I opted to go for a bit of site-seing over in Brooklyn, Central Park and the far away and deserted Coney Island, where I always wanted to go, for some reason.

The one day unlimited metro pass proved to be an excellent aquision allowing me to rest my feet from all that Manhattan strolling action for hours while reaching isolated places like Coney Is. A quick stop in China town and their new Year's customs there made me regret that I wasn't there a week before. The Statue of Liberty looked impressive in the sunny waters from a Brooklyn bridge perspective, especially since the wind ceased then for a brief moment. Overall, regardless of the wind and cold, it was a good way to re-charge my batteries in an active way.
I decided to go by bus roundtrip (cheaper and easier access than Amtrak) which proved to be a rather risky move at the end of the weekend (huge migration aparently from/to Albany area) but in the end I made it.

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