Monday, March 15, 2010

Burn-a-Mac tale

Only today I got to finally burned a DVD on my MacBook after about a year and a half of usage. Deh, a 1 TB external HDD comes in handy and I do not watch many movies on the computer these days. I just wanted to hear some music on my loudspeakers instead, so I went for it. Two things: 1. burning a DVD/CD on a MAC is way easier than Win (dummies, welcome!) 2. again, there are some software/hardware issues in this Nexus, since the last time I tried burning some stuff on my external writer (a NEC 3550) I was not able to. Later I checked the specs and indeed, it seemed that it was unable to write DVD-R 16X, so I was dissappointed that I haven't checked that before buying a whole stack of 50 DVD R-'s. Today, I was able to write the same DVDRs at 16X without much dvd player chocked a bit (but it is an old one anyways) but took it in the end. Thus, it seems that there is something in the soft (Mac Burner versus Nero or whatever I was using under Win) that gives Macs another reason to glitter..Getting back to the issue, easy is an understatement: 1. make a new folder on your desktop (right click and choose Burn Folder) 2. drag and drop whatever you need to burn 3. hit the burn button (upper right) 4. done. Great.

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