Thursday, May 08, 2008

There is Justice afterall (even in Sports)

These days I was extremely pleased that sports proved to have some justice in it after all. Here I refer to the Romanian soccer championship, where a team outside the capital (CFR Cluj) won for the first time after 17 years, breaking this supremacy. Moreover, it was such a dirty display of corruption, games won by the referees and by dubious decisions which favored the 2nd placed team (the better know Steaua Bucharest). Such things shouldn't be anywhere near sports, but I guess that, in Romania anything goes. Thus, on top of all these, justice has prevailed. Which is a relief.
Same feeling but a different story happens now in the NBA. I am a big fan of the game, so I watch as many games as possible (the time difference now is ridiculous) and I hope that finally someone will throw out those Spurs. Nothing against them personally, I'm just not a fan of their disruptive defense manner and their unbelievable luck. And it looks that now (after the Suns failed again) the Hornets might give me satisfaction (2-0 so far). Moreover, the Lakers seem to put together all the pieces along (the new MVP) Kobe Bryant looking forward for a championship again. But hold on for the home court of the Jazz. If they win one..they are good 2 go. East Conference is amazingly weak this year, but I expect a Celtics-Pistons final, from which the winner could be a true contender in the big game.

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