Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Quest for a decent (good) movie

Finally, I had some time off and I forced myself into watching some movies. And it was a good thing to do, after I became addicted to these 42min episodes of multiple series (Heroes, Lost of Battlestar Galactica) which are perfect to end (quickly) a working day that lacks those 1 and half hours to enjoy a motion picture.
American Gangster (2007) is a tremendous movie. Every bit of those 160 minutes is worthwhile. Denzel is making another great appearance in an Oscar deserving role as the apprentice that rises into a drug lord in Harlem. Russell Crowe, second violin (as always?) being the bad-ass/drunk/but beautiful minded cop (as always?) that fulfills his destiny. Definetely worth-your-while(and wallet).

Juno (2007) was another nominee for the Oscars the last year. This is a strange mixture of drama, black comedy and romance with a twist of that special something. Although the movie looks boring and flat, the savor of the lines is incredible and probably that will be the only thing that (if it) keeps you till the end.

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