Saturday, July 14, 2007

Great Music: Pelican City

I just came across their two releases and I was truly mesmerized by their music.

LP: Rhode Island
Pelican City are from Athens GA. This cd has been in the works for about 2 years.
his whole project is an Experiment of blending different types of music together.
BAND_MEMBERS: (Brian Burton - Producer/Composer, Programmer/Keyboards/Guitars) (Todd Monfalcone - Guitars) (Josh Perry - Horns) (Scott Patton - Guitars). A dark, moody, instrumental trip hop, with heavy downtempo hip hop beats, lush strings, and guitars that is perfect for listening anytime and type of day you have.

LP: The Chilling Effect OST
The music on the soundtrack almost sounds as if it is being played from an old record. It is a very moody and sad soundtrack and can be very intense at times. The are lots of layers to each song and each listen can bring you closer to a full understanding of the music.


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