Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Din nou in Troy

Back again in Troy,NY. Not the best to spend your summer but again, I haven't done that yet. Heat and moist..two things that I don't enjoy about this place (and USA) in general, in the summer. On top of that, some serious T-storms paved my way back home from Albany International and I was seriously afraid that I could not make it soon enough. Finally got there around 8 and without a drop of rain on me after several waves of big hail and awful rampages of rain crossed Colonie, Albany and the whole capital region. The next day (with temps around 96 F and high humidity) the Grid decided to leave Troy (and other cities up north) without power throughout the day. Couldn't work, couldn't stay in the house, it was strange. But I (we) made it. the institute was closed. It's amazing to realize how much we depend on electricity. Felt amost like in Jericho.lol.

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