Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My first earthquake experience

Yes, it had to happen sooner or later. Did not happen while I was in Japan or in California, but here on the East Coast. I was in the house addition (1st floor) while the house started rocking. At first, I though that a big truck/SUV was entering the garage underneath the house. However, when the wall clock started to shake and make sounds from its pendulum I knew that this is serious. It took me a couple of seconds to decide between crouching under the table and rushing to the other end of the room to stop this wall clock from dropping to the ground. Eventually, I just froze for 3 seconds in the middle of the living room to think things through. those moments felt like ages, everything dilated and it was all unclear. That saying that your life flashes your eyes is not true...but you just fill like you are making a big leap into something new. Finally, when this revelatory moment passed by, I just sat on my knees on the floor and waited for the jolts to stop. Then started to shout through the (huge) house looking for the others. My knees were still a bit weak and i felt like donating some adrenalin away but it did not show. Pheww...good to put it behind me. And also thank God I wasn't anywhere on the 20th floor or something like that.

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