Sunday, January 02, 2011

Not So Merry New Year

After 8 days of serious battling the flu, I was feeling better and ready to enjoy my trip across the pond to land of the stars and stripes. So, I went fully confident to a New Year's eve party close to Rockville, MD, a Romanian party that was. Unfortunatelly, nothing really went the way was supposed to. The delicious Romanian specialities were not delicious at all, scarce as hell and modified compared with the original menu. Around 2 AM I was feeling bored and hungry (?) despite a table full of food (which it did not really appeal to my senses). However, things would only get worse. Around 3 AM a nose bleed started and things started to precipitate. I never had a nose bleed before and this was pretty bad, couldn't stop it no matter what I did and I started to panic in the bathroom after i lost quite a lot of blood. Eventually, after I swollen a lot of this blood, I started also the feel light headed and almost fainted because I was getting sick to my stomach. Fortunately there were a couple of nurses in the party that took care of me and waited through the three bleeding episodes I had until 6 AM, when finally I was on the move again. Moreover, one of them (Ms. Luminita) was nice enough to invite us to spend the night at their house (10 min away) instead of driving back to Lothian (1+ hrs) which was the best alternative. A big scare that was. White, lightheaded, hungry and frustrated I was. But at least I was not bleeding anymore. Just hope that this is not a pattern for the NEw Year's.

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