Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Long London (L)eekend

4 days in London feels like a lot, but really, time really flies out there. Between museums, parks, outdoors and pubs it just evaporates into thin air and you feel like you haven't really done anything. While this feeling justifies your next visit of the briton capital, it is not entirely true. Just remember those long long walks you took from Shepherd's Bush all the way to the other side of Thames.

And although you missed the guard change and many other touristic opportunities, still Big Ben, or Eye pics you have, you walk (at least with your eyesight now after they banned it) on the Ai Wey's ceramic flower seeds in the huge hall of Tate Modern, had breakfast on the Cork street watching the latest output of the local art galleries, glance over the myriad of portraits at the National Portrait Gallery, and even a BBQ on the banks of the RIver, etc etc. Camden, East London, Soho are up for review next time I am there. All in all, London reminded me so much of the US,a good US however, one similar with NYC or Boston, where disparity is not that great and the urban environment is quite good. Obviously, the double-deckers, European architecture and posh style of living can only add a drop of much needed flavor to this picture, bringing it closer to an ideal city to live in. So, let's just live it to that...drawbacks for another time.

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