Sunday, June 20, 2010

Best Ipod Touch / Iphone Applications

I recently got an Ipod touch for my birthday and I started to use it and frantically look for the best available free APPS for it. While there is a lot of info on many websites, still I couldn't come up with a nice and independent review of the best "free" apps for apple devices. Below is a list of my findings in these 2 and a half weeks of my i-experience (not a ranking, but a list, so ignore the numbers):

1. Bump (Social Networking)
2. Speed test (wireless test from CISCO)
3. Dropbox (inter platform sharing)
4. OakTree (same thing)
5. Evernote (note sharing with online resources)
6. Textfree (sms chat style like with your own number)
7. Office plus (read and edit excel, PPT and word files)
8. Stanza (Ebook reader)
9. A note lite (nice interface notes)
10. Skype
11. Facebook
12. Files lite (online share and backup)
13.Y! Mess (comm)
14. Transit Maps (metro, rail and others you can upload)
15. Tetris (revival of my childhood games)
16. Glow snake (idem)
17 Vuvuzela (for the World Cup passionates).

Would be nice to discover some more and interesting apps (free if possible, otherwise still fine if they do a great job).

Cheers, S.

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