Sunday, October 04, 2009

Budget Truck - Awfull experience

Well, there are a lot of things to learn every day. And one of them today was to NEVER use Budget Truck again. I would personally advise staying away from them since my experience was truly despicable. Besides the fact that they probably always charge you more than what your reservation shows, they also gave me a bigger truck (at no additional cost:)) just the extra $20-$25 bucks for the gas, this 16 foot big baby was eating the gallon at 10 miles!!).Then, when to return the truck, the guy noticed some scratches on the top right corner of the truck and he pinned that on us. Back in Troy we did not get any inspection, nothing to sign off saying that the truck is in a good shape. Now, since nothing was recorded, everything else (scratches, marks etc.) can be put on us. Fortunately (a) I have a witness (my friend Carlos who drove me to Boston) and (2) pictures that I took on the highway just after entering MA state, showing that the truck was already scratched when we got it in Troy, NY. Those would be two things that I suggest everyone should do before renting from these low-lifes, to make sure they don't pin anything on you as well. Or better yet, just check the other's rates (UHaul, Penske, etc.) since they will guarantee the truck, not like Budget Truck.

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