Thursday, July 23, 2009

A day at King's Dominion (VA)

The very next day I arrived back in the US, we headed south towards Virginia to enjoy a day at Kings Dominion, close to Richmond, VA. This amusement park was the closest option available to Southern Maryland, about two and a half hours drive. Right from the bat, I must mention that this was my first time in such a big park and also the first roller-coaster ride I even had. Thus, at least you can understand my obvious anxiety. The park is huge and has a lot to offer: We started with a big one (Volcano, The Blast Coaster) that basically shoots you inside and around a volcano-shaped mountain.With over 2,700 feet of track, it is also Kings Dominion’s longest coaster, and for many thrill-seekers, its most exciting, with three zero-gravity, heart-pounding, barrel-roll inversions. My main issue while on it was to catch and keep my sunglasses on my nose since all the spinning and upside down spirals almost made me loose them on the ride. All shaken up from this, I went to the next one (Flight of Fear) and inside roller coaster gives you even more palpitations. They say that is 2 and a half minutes of sheer, pulse-pounding fear but it felt like 30-40 seconds to me. But those were really intense and many left the train shaken up or still screaming. The initial acceleration (from 0 to 60 miles an hour is a couple of seconds) is really impressive, while the labyrinth of terrifying twist and turns in semi-darkness makes your senses wonder where are you going exactly in (still) a relatively small hanger. Then, we moved to have lunch and try some of the water attractions, which were very nice as well.
The problem was always the same: the ride was about 1-2 minutes while the line was 45+ min. We ended the day with a ride on the Anaconda an outside roller coaster with a nice 150 foot drop under water (it seems) and then a lot of serpent like loops. Then, around 8-9 PM we decided to make some photos with some of the attractions. All and all, an exhausting day, pigmented with exquisite thrills that leaves you smiling but numb.:)

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