Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ball Don't Lie (in Any Sport)

This week provided a perfect medley of showdowns in several sports/countries. It all started this Wednesday with the Champions League Final between Barcelona and Manchester United. The multi-mediatized battle between the two superstars (Messi and Ronaldo) was way below the expectations, while the game itself was pretty good. In the end, Barca got the win, but mostly because Man U was unable to react after receiving the first goal. Then came the NBA Western conference finals, where the Lakers got a grip on the Nuggets in game 6 and made their second consecutive appearance in the Finals in the last two years. Although I like the fight that Denver put, that was pretty sweet and probably Kobe will break the Shaq curse this year. If not, I am not sure he ever will. Then, the cherry on the top: Eastern conference finals where the underdogs prevailed (Orlando sent the Cavaliers and LeBron James fishing the rest of the summer). Here it wasn't without emotions: the Magic seem like a fragile team that could blow out that 3-1 they had in the series. However, they came through and Stern's dream of a final Kobe-LeBron is now shattered.
Last but now least, today's day match decided the Romanian champions, Unirea Urziceni, a team from a "city" of 16,000 people, mocked by everyone in this championship. They have become champions with one day match before the end of the season and will go directly in the groups of Champions League. Life is trully funny when it acts like this!:)
:) In the end it is all good: In all these cases, the team that put the best effort won. No BS and no interference. That's how I like my sports!!

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