Sunday, August 10, 2008

Back in the US with some emotions

Partly my personal fault, partly thanks to the improper website of, that hasn't allowed me to select the month from the usual combo boxes, I ended up stranded in the Hamburg airport. Besides the monetary loss, which is quite significant, one loses a lot more. I was very disappointed and mad on how this could have happened to me. But I guess after all the travel I have been doing, at same point something bad will occur. So yes, it was back in Kiel, in March, around 1-2am when I purchased the ticket online. Being in EU and having to enter manually the date, I naturally typed 04/08/08. But little did I suspect that instead of August the 4th, I actually purchased a ticket for April. Until now...:( well, not much one can do in this situation. Thus, I just made the obvious choice of buying another ticket ($1300) instead of returning to RO. The British Airways flight was quite lousy, the seating one of the worse I had, a plenty of crying babies to go around. PLus, at landing I had the privilege to experience how a roller coaster feels like, as a bonus. AT least I flew directly to DC. Here some carriages pick you up from the plain and take you to the actual terminal and the lines to enter the USA. This time wasn't to bad either. 45 minutes later after grabbing my bags I was exiting Dulles to experience the wonderful 90F. Back again..

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