Monday, March 10, 2008

3 Movie Reviews

I finally had some time these last two weekend to watch three recent productions:

I AM LEGEND (2007)
Same ol' scenario with the virus that wiped out mankind. naturally, New York is ground zero. for a moment, we could try not-to-think that much in blue,red and white..but again..probably not much different. The plot is identical to 28 Days Later and the action moves in the same way. The first part is indeed nicer, hunting dears in Times Square is something exotic indeed. Bottom line: not so bad as others have described to me.


A rather better than expected vampire movie where Lucy Liu becomes the revengeful female from Kill Bill who takes revenge on the vampire Lord (Bishop) that has turned her into a creature of the night. Least cheesy of all vampires movies that I have seen so far.

RENDITION (2007)A more and more present theme in Hollywood: Islam, righteous migrants, discrimination, non justice. Still the actors (Omar Metwally, Reese Witherspoon, Aramis Knigh) have a great performance and although the action is painfully slow in the beginning, it certainly picks up towards the end. All in all, a good one.

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