Saturday, May 05, 2007

The melodic sounds of De-Phazz

Finally got my hands on this LP...pretty good in the same downtempo tradition but "Detunized garvity" seems even better..

No new territory for De Phazz, but proof that these guys are still one of the best at coming up with playfully poppy grooves! The record moves in the same space as their previous sets -- bits of jazz, bits of Latin, bits of soul -- all filtered together with a style that often moves at the speed of downtempo, but which is a lot more focused and song-based. Most numbers have some sort of vocals -- by frequent De Phazz vocalist Barbara Lahr, as well as Angel Jones, Karl Frierson, Billy Edgeware, and Pat Appleton -- and although the styles change as the tunes roll on, there's enough of a unified feel to most of the record -- thanks to a recurrent sense of guitar "twang", as referenced in the title. (DustyGroove)

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